Tuesday, 8 February 2011

WOW - what can I say - Jodi - you are sooo generous - I am overwhelmed xxx

I had to pop out this morning for my Dad but when I got back my darling daughter had taken delivery of this very heavy parcel.

Camera at the ready I couldn't wait to open it and see what was inside - it was really heavy.  There was tons of tissue paper in colours of pink, white and red, hearts and stripes.  My daughter was just as excited as I was especially when she spotted a Reese's chocolate heart - we took everything out carefully - there was loads - I couldn't believe my eyes - what I saw was absolutely incredible. 

Just look at all the yummy stash - two glass bevelled photo frames, a gorgeous handmade mug rug - needed one of those, a beautiful red heart with a pocket and card on the back.  Valentines party plates and cupcake cases, napkins, a mini cutting mat, Wonka's sweethearts, ric rac in white, a bias maker (have just been checking them out so was extremely delighted with this one as with everything else.)

OMG - A large Yankee Candle jar in Cinnamon Toast - the whole package smelled absolutely delicious and last but not least a box of my all time favourite chocolates - Ghirardelli - fabulous, fabulous, fabulous, that's the salad out window now!!!

Jodi - I cannot believe your generosity - I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in this swap and I have made some fantastic new friends through it that I hope to keep in touch with.

My homemade mug rug from Jose - quilted beautifully as well with my favourite design - stippling (meandering).

All of this arrived in the box along with a handmade card which said :-

'Here's to telling you who I am and also to say how nice I think you are!
Happy Valentine's Day

Elaine - I had great fun putting this together and tried to make it as Tilda (you succeeded :)) I really enjoy your blog, have a wonderful Valentine's Day with your family.

We can't get Ghirardelli chocolate in this country and  my daughter is just sat looking at the box just about drooling.  She is off school at the moment with tonsillitus (she is now asking if we can move to America).  Thank you so much for your generous gift and for making me and my daughter's Valentine's Day very special.