Friday, 25 February 2011

Project Sweet 16 xx

This has been mine and my darling daughter Rachael's 16th Birthday project - a topsy turvy cake

Each cake has three layers of victoria sponge - the large one is 8" round, the small one is 6" round - you then taper them in at the bottom to appear like hats.

After buttercreaming the whole cakes you then take the middle of the top layer out and put buttercream in the middle again.

You regal ice the two cakes separately and put supports in the bottom cake to stop the top one from falling into the bottom cake and place the top cake on top.

This gives the appearance of a wonky cake - it looks great - never iced a cake before so please excuse the state of my regal ice but was quite pleased with it for a first attempt.

Decorate topsy turvy or Mad Hatter birthday cake

Glittered hearts and harlequin pattern along with a bow on the base of the top cake.

Another bow on the top cake along with a sweet 16 candle and stem hearts

Party bags for the five girls that are staying over - fancy dress absolutely essential :)