Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Embroidery Thread Storage Ideas

There are absolutely loads of ideas for storing your embroidery threads, in boxes, on hangers, in drawers, on reels, I could go on.  I have used various ways myself but I just don't like having threads in more than one place, you end up spending more time sorting than sewing 

I have been looking at the DMC wooden thread chest but it only ever comes with the threads at a cost of 375.00.  I already have all the threads, lucky me (thanks to my generous hubby over the last 30 years) so consequently I have not bought it.  

I have however managed to find a very good alternative in the Songmics Jewellery Tower.  At a cost of 42.99 on Amazon including prime delivery I decided to give it a go.

It is ten drawers set within an MDF box and each drawer has it's own shelf.  There are seven drawers that are just lined with fabric and then three drawers with inserts. 

The first four drawers hold my DMC embroidery floss collection.  

I have a full collection of DMC threads on cards which are used first and this is my second and thirds in the DMC colours as I do use alot of them

The threads lay flat and you can sit three rows in each drawer, particulary good for multiples of colours.  As you can see they also fit the DMC thread bars.

The drawers easily pull out and remove completely and they are sturdy.

The fifth drawer has my DMC Perle threads in, this looks very neat because I am using quite of a few of them in a project at the moment.  I love these threads.  To use them you just cut the bottom part of the threads and you can then just pull out one length at a time measuring approximately 12" which is just right for stitching with.

The sixth drawer holds my Weeks Dye Works, Crescent Colours and Gentle Arts floss.  I don't tend to have a huge collection of these as the kits I buy have the right threads in and I have completed the ones I have.  They fit in the drawers lengthways.

The seventh drawer has my Weeks Dye Works, Crescent Colours and Gentle Arts Perle threads.  These fit in lengthways and you can layer them up so you can see the numbers and colours on the cards.  I do have quite a few but they are out in a project bag for a Shepherd's Bush Stocking pattern but they do all fit in the drawer.

The eighth drawer had a ring insertion in which I removed and put my own cover in for the base and this is empty at the moment.

The ninth drawer has fifteen sections and these fit the Guterman threads in as above and the Kreinik threads three per section.  I like this section as these threads are very delicate so this is ideal to keep them in good condition and from unwinding.  They are also easy to view.

The bottom and tenth drawer was a watch storage drawer with cushions to put the watches on in each of the ten sections.  I removed and binned them as I couldn't think of any uses other than pincushions and I am not short of them.  The sections in this drawer are lovely and deep enough to hold Mill Hill Seed Beed, packets as well as other Mill Hill products (I have doubled mine in the storage so I can fit 14 in each section, these are all for the Mirabilia Cross Stitch Charts like the Queens, Sleeping Beauty etc.)  I also have my Au Ver a Soie collection of threads on wooden thread holders in two sections and the other two sections hold my needlepoint thread which I use for doing delicate embroidered flowers on smocked dresses, pincushions and purses.

All in all, I think this is a great purchase for thread storage and I am seriously thinking about getting a second one for my machine thread storage.  

Enjoy your shopping and sorting :)


  1. Hi, love your review of this box. Do you think DMC bobbins will fit in the drawers? I'd love to get it if they do, it's a nightmare trying to find the right solution!

  2. WOW! That is just gorgeous! Looks like you found the perfect thing for your collection. I was searching "floss storage and organization" for my small collection and came across yours. I LOVE it. It's so satisfying to see a well-organized stash, isn't it?

  3. Wish I could find this. I looked on Amazon but I noticed yours was in 2017. I’ll keep looking. I have so much. Thanks for sharing.