Sunday, 20 January 2019

Happy New Year!!!!

Happy New Year to all my followers, hope it's a good one.

It's not been a good start so far, I am behind at the moment, I did stitch on FNSI which I will post this week sometime.  I am enjoying a rare day off because before Christmas my Dad took ill and we have been doing alot of caring and sharing.

We are hoping that he is on the mend at the moment but have to wait and see what the doctors say so it's a waiting game.

I have just not had chance to get on and see what everyone has been stitching so please bear with me and normal service will resume soon.  I also have an update on my RSN Crewelwork.

For the moment enjoy what is left of the weekend and will see you during the week.

Best wishes to all xx

Sunday, 30 December 2018

Bloom Quilt Along with Cheryll ... 2019

Cheryll is hosting a quilt along for 2019 and it's the Lori Holt Bloom Sew Along Pattern.  It was originally completed in 2016 with Lori's Calico Days fabric range.

It is gorgeous and uses an abundance of appliqued flower patterns.

All the blocks are worked in nine inch squares of white and edged with strips of all the fabrics that are used to make the flowers.  I am giving mine a teal border and matching binding in similar colours.

It has Tilda fabric written all over it and here is mine all set to go.  All fat eighths Best Pressed with Mary Ellen and the yardage cut down to the eighths that are needed and pressed.  20 pieces of white backing for each block.

The Tilda Pardon My Garden range as well as the 

Tilda Spring Diaries range which match perfectly.

I still haven't made my mind up on which applique to use, the hand or the machine method.  I love the hand method as it is invisible but I have looked at the machine method using a monofilament thread which seems invisible and I am very tempted to give it a go.  

If you would like to join us from the 8th January and finish this gorgeous quilt by June 2019 then popover here or keep an eye out for everyone's weekly blog post about their versions of the Bloom quilt.

Happy Stitching All :) xx

Tuesday, 25 December 2018

Merry Christmas ...

Merry Christmas to all my blogging friends and family, hope you have had a wonderful day.

Just about ready to dish up.

Table set and ready to go.

Love the Spode Christmas Tree - waited along time to get this collection.  It has been worth the wait.  It was part of my Christmas box.

Matching charger plates, crackers and napkins, without breaking the bank either.

We have now eaten and now chilling with a bottle or two and about to play a couple of boardgames - as is the Mork household tradition.

Hope you have had a great day and look forward to catching up with all your posts over the Christmas period.

Take care all xx

Saturday, 22 December 2018

BLOOM Quilt-along

We are starting a quilt the Lori Holt Bloom quilt along in January 2019.

It was originally completed in 2016 but we are doing it next year and I needed a few of the tools to complete the quilt.

Lori Holt Sew Simple Shapes Bloom (Riley Blake Designs), 250 Pretty Applique Pins, Lori Holt Nifty Needles, Pellon Sew In Interfacing and last but not least the Clover Point to Point Turner.

Okay so I didn't NEED the pins and needles but I WANTED them lol.

These also fell into my basket on Amazon - how does that happen - far too easy ;)

They are 40mm suede tassels - 100 pack in 50 colours - for putting on zips and clips when making bags - the amount of colours means I will always have one to match the fabric I am using - particularly Tula Pink - a few upcoming projects.

If you are interested in joining in the Lori Holt Bloom quilt along just pop along to Cheryll here but be quick as we start stitching in January.

Hope you are managing to get in a stitch or two while getting organised for Christmas. :)

Friday, 21 December 2018

Friday Night Sew In...

Tonight I sat stitching with the girls on the Friday Night Sew In.  You can see what everyone was stitching by visiting here.

My stitching was the Shepherds Bush scissor fob kit from 2017.  It just needs the white on the sheep, but that gets done last as it will stay cleaner and a couple of pink stitches on the flower.  There should be a heart above the sheep however I like to have the year on my fobs so I know which ones I have.  I do like to change patterns slightly then they are original to me even if everybody has the kits.

Happy stitching all and a BIG thank you and shout out to Wendy who hosts the Sew-In's for us.  You are a lovely bunch of ladies to stitch with and I look forward to more in 2019.

FNSI Sign ups for last one of 2018...

Wendy is hosting the last FNSI of 2018 and sign-ups are here

Hope you can join in and will see you later for stitching. :)

Thursday, 20 December 2018

Christmas countdown ...

Only a few days of baking left.  Gluten free biscotti with chocolate.  My table is set as I was testing out where I wanted to put everything.

Gluten free sausage rolls, so far I have made 68 of these beauties and as fast as I make them they disappear, so I made a sneaky batch and froze them so they can't eat them!!

A few tweaks to the Christmas tree, a bit more Disney - Mickey celebrating 90 years so we had to, chocolate tree decorations and a couple of robins.  The first lot of presents under the tree, our Chihuahua keeps guarding these - they are not hers lol.

A bit more stitching on the Shepherd's Bush 2017 Scissor Fob and it's looking okay.

A couple more stitches into the Mani Di Donna Purse.

I even managed a little retail therapy for myself this week.  My filofax top up for 2019 - I am old fashioned and love my file, I take it everywhere and I try to keep it up to date.  I spotted the Fiskars Peacock feather cutter on ebay, I have a couple of fiskars patterned ones but hadn't seen this one before - it will match my Tula Pink bag perfectly.

Look at what I also managed to bag off ebay :-0  A Tula Pink quilt kit - Sedimental.  I love, love, love Tula Pink and have a few of her fabrics since she started out so I couldn't resist.

I am sitting having a large glass of a rather delicious California Blush Zinfandel.  I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and Santa Claus brings you everything you ask for, whether it's family or gifts or a feast, enjoy yourselves and take care over the festive season from all of us in the Merk household to all of you, Merry Christmas xxxxx

Friday, 14 December 2018

Gingher Scissors ...

I have a wonderful collection of Gingher scissor collection and most of them have matching Shepherd's Bush scissor fobs (it stops people from borrowing them as they don't like the heavy cushion lol)

The full collection of Gingher 4" scissors

2017 and 2018 Shepherd's Bush Scissor fobs, I have started the 2017 one.

2017 Lauren and 2018 Eleanor Gingher Scissors.

Gingher Scissors Wren

Gingher Scissors Eve

Gingher Scissors Julia

Gingher Scissors Emily with the Shepherd's Bush All Season's scissor fob.  I never managed to find the fob that matches these scissors.

X-cut applique scissors and the Gingher Sewing Machine curved scissors.

Karen Kay Buckley Serrated Edge scissors in 4" with Halloween themed scissor fob from one of my many books.

There are a few more pairs for my embroidery and dressmaking and I am sure that I will be adding more to the collection.  I love the different designs and hope to get a full set sometime but waiting for that 'must have the set' design to appear.

Sunday, 9 December 2018

Christmas ...

The Christmas tree is up - a little minimalistic to what I usually do but it is what I could manage.

All of our special baubles are on.

The fire place with my Yankee Candle angels and handmade reindeer.

Merlin had to get in on the picture showing off his perfect pose.

I will be putting other pieces up but only when I can get.  Tonight I am putting my feet up and sorting through some embroidery and sorting my scissors ( don't ask I have loads lol ).

Saturday, 8 December 2018

Friday Night with Friends ....

I got all my stitching ready but back pain interfered so I ended up just binding a few more coasters for Christmas.

Bohin sharps needles, Aurifil 80 thread and Karen Kay Buckley scissors.

All six completed and they make great little stocking fillers using leftover binding from past Christmas projects.

Popover here and see what everybody else stitched.

Have a great weekend.