Sunday, 18 February 2018

Gillian Blackwork Progress...

As you can see, I kept myself busy today inbetween coughing and sneezing. 

This is actually alot easier than it looks.  I did wonder if I had bitten off more than I could chew but once you get into the pattern of the stitches and how to shade it comes together quite quickly.

The darker shade is the shadow of the hare.  I am going to blend the two tomorrow using the two needle technique so then I can see exactly what shade should be where.  I will also add a few more outer individual stitches so that the outer area isn't as harsh and appears more blended with the linen.

I haven't decided about the inner flowers on the hare as I would prefer not to be the gold thread on the flowers and maybe just do a few different blackwork techniques in each flower instead of a solid stitched area.  I do like to put my own spin on a design, then even if it is stitched by somebody else it still has a little individuality.

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Friday Night Sew In...

It's the Friday Night Sew In...

I am lucky enough to have all the Australian Inspirations Magazine, when I got the latest edition I decided that a must sew was the Gillian Hare pattern.

I used my lightbox to  trace the pattern onto punch paper.

All traced and then prick and pounced with grey powder onto the Lugana 25ct linen.

Then stretched onto the slate frame ready to put in the outline stitches.  I had all of the materials to just crack on with this which I was very surprised at.

This is how far I got tonight, just the ears left to outline.

I love the beautiful colours that the designer, Maria Dell Valle Olivera used and I only hope that mine will look as good once complete.

I will post some more pictures over the weekend of my progress.

Happy stitching :)

Friday, 16 February 2018

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee....

My wonderful hubby went food shopping and this is my treat...

a skinny, decaf, caramel latte and a gluten free chocolate brownie from Costa.

I limit myself to one coffee a day because I would have four or five but it isn't that good for you when you have health problems anyway.

I have been in bed for two days with the horrible flu and have now made it downstairs for a movie or two.  Hubby has nearly recovered, of course, it was inevitable really, I caught the bug.  It is really awful, head-spinning, body-aching, coughing, sneezing the whole works.  Hubby is now looking after me but we are trying to avoid each other so we don't pass it back again.

I organised a little stitching stash the other day that can be done quickly and that is what I am stitching tonight, so I will see you all later stitching buddies. :)

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Friday Night Sew In...

Wendy has all the information you need to join in Friday Night Sew In this coming Friday...

Hope you can join :)

Monday, 12 February 2018

Lizzie Kate Mystery Sampler Things Unseen...

Here she is, completed, ten days of work...

I have put the buttons on and tweaked slightly with beads in the middle of the snowflakes at the bottom and a flower at the top instead of the second large square button.

I am going to frame this one myself in a revamped frame that had a large wedding photograph.  I will put some more photographs on once it is framed.

Happy Stitching :)

Saturday, 10 February 2018

Lizzie Kate Mystery Sampler, end of part two...

I reworked the house and finished the topiary, sheep and bees for part two.

Tomorrow I will start on part 3 which isn't as big as I was expecting.

I took a break today from stitching to sort through all my embroidery kits and charts.  I have a few to do as gifts and also another couple of mystery samplers that I would like completed this year.

I hope you are enjoying the stitching journey through this one.  I wasn't sure if I should do it by days but I think it works and may also make someone else feel like taking it up as it hasn't taken that long to come together and the stitching is a very simple cross stitch, even though the size is quite big.

Dogs are better today, thank goodness.  They have been spoiled a bit and got new collars, harnesses and leads as well as dishes and a trial on different food that may be gentle on the little chihuahuas stomach.

Enjoy what is left of the weekend, it is a very wet one in Cumbria. :)

Friday, 9 February 2018

Lizzie Kate Sampler Day 7 and new beginnings...

The boxed hearts, the plant pot, the house and nearly finished the trees.

Then this afternoon I got a little downtime and stitched the sheep, but noticed a problem and had to unpick the house as I had made the windows too small, never mind, I will crack on and see what I can get done this evening.

Hubby is quite poorly so we are playing the waiting game on results and the GP.  I think it's his lungs as he has had the problem before after having pneumonia twice, it has left them quite weak.  Rachael is a lot better and one of the dogs is ok but our little chihuahua is still throwing up so she is also getting checked out.

We had some great news today, my niece gave birth to a beautiful baby girl this morning, Ezria, 6lbs 12ozs by Caesarean Section

Both mum and baby are doing well and we can't wait to meet her.  It is not going to be for a while as we don't want to pass on any germs so for now we have to just look at all the pictures and be very jealous of all the cuddles the new grandparents are getting.  I will be finishing the quilt this weekend and take it with us when we visit.  We will probably have quite a bundle of goodies because who doesn't like shopping for baby girls 💞💕💖💖

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Lizzie Kate Things Unseen Mystery Sampler Day 6...

After a little break doing some patchwork, I got back to my mystery sampler...

I got the pot half done and the house half done as well as the butterfly and the branch.

Our home this week has been more like a hospice... hubby is quite poorly so he's in bed, the dogs caught a bug and were throwing up more times than I can remember and then our daughter came home ill from work.

Hope to get more stitching done tonight and tomorrow whilst everyone is sleeping and it's sooooo quiet ;)

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Faeries in my Garden Year of Gifts 2018

Faeries in my Garden is running it's last year of gifts this year.  I have looked every year and decided for various reasons not to take it up.  But when it's the last year, you have to just do it.  I got a surprise yesterday as I have got a BOM from Fobbles for the last twelve months and it has finished - I didn't realise and I like to have one ongoing project as I seem to be able to manage just the one.

I am very much out of practice when it comes to links, I did manage to get this far though, link below:-

One of the previous years sewing cases.  I don't normally go for florals but there is something about the way Faeries in my Garden design that just works.

A couple of the past collections.  There isn't anything I don't like.  I really hand embroidery, bullion roses and patchwork and this just has it all.

My favourite colour, yes, I know, it's not a colour it's a tone, but black is just classy.

Beautiful ideas for storage that look simply stunning.

Have a look through their gallery, this is just a little snippet of temptation, lots of ideas and inspiration.

Saturday, 3 February 2018

Pinwheel Blocks...

Carrying on with my Friday Night With Friends...

I finished 21 out of 36 Pinwheel Blocks.  I have done these a long time ago and gave up because they were horrendous and I may have even binned them.  I followed the Missouri Quilt Company Youtube video and the points are exactly where they should be.  When I pressed them I opened the middle seam up and it made them perfectly flat.

Sorting all the other cuts in three lots and there is an even amount of mixed colour in each group.

The fifteen pinwheels left to do.  They do take a bit of time but they are worth it when they are finished.  There wasn't a lot to trim off when I squared them up.  Now if I was really organised I would have a jar for those trims and use them as stuffing for pincushions.

Back tomorrow with hopefully the start of a quilt.