Thursday, 21 June 2018

Quilter's Ruler & Mat Bag

Patchwork Retreat Day 3

When all the ladies arrived for the retreat on the Monday, most of them arrived with a wonderful quilter's accessory bag.  A large bag which holds a large cutting mat and a variety of different sized rulers along with a smaller pocket for your cutting tools.  They are really handy but I couldn't find a pattern anywhere.   One of the ladies let me do a lot of measuring up along with photographs.

The original pattern I believe belongs to a lady called Barbara Slee - I hear quite a lot of this lady and she sounds very talented and has done some amazing work, thank you Barbara and I hope I have done your design justice.  (I was awarded 7 out of 10 by the lady whose bag I borrowed, quilters are hard critics lol).

Fobbles had a sale of some beautiful fabric from Moda called Country Orchard, I purchased the following and thought I would do a costing.

I bought a jelly roll - 22.00
1 metre of the brown stripe - 7.00
1 metre of the cream floral background 7.00
4 metres of the cream/pink floral bird background 28.00
1 pack of cover buttons 29mm
1 pack of cover buttons 22mm
1/2 metre of firm bag interfacing for pockets 5.00
Aurifil thread 8.35

Four rectangles larger than your cutting mat size by one inch all the way round.  Wadding is sandwiched between the layers and I quilted them one inch squares on one side and 1.5 inch on the other side.  The top of each side has binding on it.

The large pocket is 14 inches square and sandwiched with the firm bag stabiliser to give a neat finish to the quilting and to give support to the bag.  The smaller pocket is big enough to hold smaller square rulers, papers, patterns or your cutter and spare blades.

The back pocket is 24.5 x 6.5 inches and quilted and is also sandwiched with the firm bag stabiliser.

All of the pockets have machine binding and a tab with buttonhole to fasten the button at the top of the pockets.

The handles are 30 inches long and stitched with four rows of straight stitch.  I decided not to interface them as the stitching gave them support.  Each handle is stitched to the top of the bag by folding them back on each other and then a covered button is added to each handle at the top of the bag.  The whole bag is then machine bound at the sides and the bottom.

Thanks for reading, come back tomorrow to see Thursday's work :)

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Patchwork Retreat Day 2

This is where we stayed for the week...

Irton Hall near Holmrook

The Ormondroyd Cottage sleeps 4

The balcony was great for lots of birdwatching and a wonderful evening breeze after the warm days

Fully equipped kitchen with dining area.

Seating area with french doors opening to the balcony.

This space is bigger than it looks as there is a couple more chairs behind the sofa from the camera angle.

Twin room

My room for the week, it was so quiet here it was amazing and you really did get the chance to de-stress.

Tuesday stitching was six little Christmas coasters that are just waiting for the binding to be handstitched, once the new glasses have arrived.

These little 4.5 inch squares were the leftovers from doing the light up Christmas trees last year.

The binding is from my collection of leftover pieces of binding from the many Christmas projects I have completed and made too much.

Day three tomorrow and maybe a new glasses reveal - was hoping for today but unfortunately they weren't ready for pick up.

Take care and thanks for reading xx

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Patchwork Retreat June 2018

After a couple of weeks of re-evaluating, having a break from the stresses and strains of daily life, I found my mojo after a fabulous week with good friends at a patchwork retreat in the lakes.  I am going to share a daily catch up of all my work over the week.  Grab a coffee, like me and enjoy :)

My lovely GF Lemon Drizzle along with my usual skinny latte and today I received the great news that I won my appeal for getting my prescription flour.  I really wasn't expecting to win but I am so pleased that I made the choice to write to our CCCG, it took a bit of my time up but has been so worth it.  Hears to working on some new recipes for gluten free.

The Monday saw me working on my Gail Pan Berries and Bluebirds pattern, the applique is complete for all of the quilt with the exception of the small border pieces on some of the blocks.  The above is block number one all finished.

Monday afternoon and I got to work on block number two, the border on along with the applique pieces tacked down but not stitched.  I discovered that my glasses really aren't strong enough for me and I needed to make an appointment to get them sorted.  I have seen my optician this week and found out that in seven months my eyesight really has deteriorated and was probably causing alot of my headaches and generally feeling crap.  New glasses are now on their way - some fabulous ones which I will share with you when they arrive.

I made some beautiful cupcakes for one of the ladies 60th birthday which we enjoyed on the Monday - no photos - sorry.  We did have a gift exchange - from Christmas - as I hadn't seen some of the ladies since last year.  It was lovely to catch up with them.  I was initially a little anxious about going to the retreat - just because of everything that is happening on the homefront - but everyone made me feel so comfortable that by Wednesday I was feeling alot better, I just have to learn that I can't control everything that happens and I can't change lots of things - it's a steep learning curve!!

Come back again to see my next retreat day, thanks for joining me and take care :)

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Busy, Busy, Busy...

We have been very busy lately and this meant that my blog took a little bit of a back seat.  I have kept up to date with what you are all doing and had chance to leave comments tonight.

We had a few ups and downs like all families and we are hopeful now that things are a little more organised.  My Mum isn't well, not life threatening but also needs new knees and she has always been a very active person so it is a big change for her to be sitting doing nothing whilst she waits for a date.  We lost a family friend who we spent alot of time with growing up and it just makes you think about your own family.  

We are also moving our son permanently to Dundee and when you live five hours away it can be a little demanding on your time trying to find all the information you need for a student.  He is coming back to have a holiday with us and a break with some of his friends then he will back to start year three of his course.

In September we are hoping to see him take part in some theatre work so I will keep you posted on the progress.

Happy Stitching all :)

Friday, 11 May 2018

FNWF and Mani Di Donna Black Ruby Sewing Purse...

I know - I am very late with my post - please accept my apologies.  I took photographs but life got in the way this week and other things took priority but as of tonight we are all sorted and I am back to sewing so thought I would show what I got up to last Friday before I do more stitching tonight.

I started on the Black Ruby Sewing Purse by Mani Di Donna, I fell in love with this pattern (and a couple of others!!)...

It is made with 32 count Confederate Grey linen and Weeks Dye Works Lancaster Red and Charcoal threads along with Weeks Dye Works Red wool to match the threads.

The pattern comes with the decorative wooden panels needed for the top of the main purse.

It took quite a few hours marking out each of the sections as you stitch it all on one panel and then cut it all out after completing. 

So tonight I will carry on stitching the purse area.  It is then beaded with Mill Hill black magnifica beads.

Friday, 4 May 2018

May the 4th be with you...

Okay, so call me corny, but I just had to as I am a huge Star Wars fan and Solo is due at the cinemas soon so couldn't resist.

I got a my first finish for May, WOW, that was fast I hear you say, so without any further delay here she is...

Shepherd's Bush Shepherd's Spring

I hope the colours can be seen.  It was quite difficult as it is a pink linen with pink, green and grey threads so I did try to get better lighting for the pictures.

The shepherd with the blackbirds surrounded by flowers (beads and stitches)

I love the baskets - the instructions were very easy to follow fortunately as they look quite complicated because they are layered stitching.  Each basket is completed with four rose and cream beads.  Followed by three little hedgehogs and a row of beaded flowers.

My favourite is the vegetables, they look quite detailed and enhanced by the rabbit charm.

I loved stitching this as it was a change from the usual colour of linen.  The amount of thread that was supplied with the kit was huge and will probably make another four of these.

It's off to the framers next week with a couple of other pieces.  I whizzed through this in two and a half days as I want to start on a Mani Di Donna pattern which I will share with you this evening in the stitch along Friday Night With Friends.

See you later :)

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

The merry month of May...

Well, I am calling it merry because I am out of plaster - yayyyyyyy!!!

The month of May is the month for love and success so I have had a great start, I got out of plaster this morning with my break now healed at 80% which is wonderful.  Can't drive yet - that's another story which also happened in an April that I would rather forget.

It is my Mum & Dad's Ruby Wedding Anniversary today and they have been treated to a wonderful four days in a luxury hotel that they love in the lake district.  Today saw them on Lake Ullswater for a steamboat all around the lake after a beautiful fruit breakfast - they are being really good and tonight is a special dinner for them.  They are wonderful people and do alot of charity work so it has been nice to see them doing something for themselves and enjoying being catered for by a fabulous team at The Inn on the Lake.

The Inn on the Lake and one of the steamers in the foreground.

The view from one of the beautiful furnished and decorated bedrooms.

I hope you are all enjoying some glorious sunshine wherever you are, it is beautiful here today and nice to have all the windows open for fresh air.

Sunday, 22 April 2018


Oh no ...

Happy Stitching Sunflower Summer from Shepherd's Bush Designs and the fabric just gave in...

I had made good progress with the stitching that I had started at the retreat last weekend and although it wasn't my usual colours or fabric was starting to think it looks pretty good then this...

There is no repair to this, it's gone in more than one place so it has to be a re-start on a different fabric.  I am so disappointed but at the same time I was not entirely happy with the fabric, it was a little strange and didn't seem to be the same quality I would normally use, it was just a piece from my stash.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and got loads done.

Saturday, 14 April 2018

How to be a domestic goddess...

or at least have a go!!!

I am having a little time out this weekend but because I am Coeliac it means I need to think about my food to go...

A two day salad of prawns, cheese and crispy skin salmon with all the trimmings...

Gluten Free Chocolate Orange Cupcakes, one box for retreat...

and two smaller boxes for hubby and work colleagues...

Just because my arm is in plaster doesn't mean I can't do their baking... however, the fracture clinic may not agree with that statement after seeing the amount of swelling and having to split the cast and then bandage.  It's now back in the sling and not doing anything but what it should be - resting!!

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

A little bit delicate...

Thank you for the good wishes about my arm.

It has come to my attention that there is a problem with the comments on my blog even though I have checked everything and can't seem to find any reason why it is so.  I have checked the settings and I am on blogger and not google so I am not sure what needs to change for everybody to leave their comments.  

Please be aware that I am a little delicate at the moment and finding it very frustrating not being able to go at the speed I usually go.  Hopefully the next seven weeks will fly in and I can get back to cooking, baking, stitching and creating.

Take care blogging buds and happy creating :)