Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Pine Valley Autumn Baskets

I have managed to get started on my prize from Pine Valley, this is the Autumn Baskets pattern for a table runner which uses the basket piecing to make ten baskets.  It is a beautiful table runner. 

This is my work station all set up so that I can sit in the living room because hubby is at home this week.  Tools needed for doing all the little pieces were fabric scissors, mini iron, fabric guide from the pattern, dairy milk chocolate and a bottle of water along with my sewing machine all set on the table.

The first completed basket which I wanted to do so that I had a reference for doing all the other ones - something to refer to.  It does need some straightening up and I may make ten others so that I always have this one as a reference for doing baskets in the future.  

Thank you Sharon for my prize, I am pleased that I have now got round to do this - needed my Christmas projects and big quilts out of the way first.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Baby girl quilt

The sum of today's work.  As you can see I have put the quilt pieces together, one 8 x 8 next to four 4 x 4.  There are eight pieces put together like this and then I have placed a 3" border around the whole pattern block.

A close up of each of the pieces.  They 8 x 8 pieces have been fussy cut and so has the border around them.


Just started this project today, a baby girl's quilt in the Cathy Heck fabric Zoophabet - obviously in pink :)

I have cut 16 4 1/2 inch squares of each of the above fabrics which will then be sewn together.

I have fussy cut the border horizontally so that I have all the animals with the matching words to go all around the squares.

I have fussy cut the border fabric into 8 1/2 inch squares.

I am in the process of stitching and as soon as I finish the first part I will take some photographs and you can see which way it will go together.  So it will be a 36" square quilt which has used two yards of fabric - 1/2 yard of four different types.

This should have been done towards the end of last year but unfortunately plans change as we had some bad family news and we were in Nottingham for a family funeral.  The loss of my Uncle has had a really big impact on me, it is the deepest sense of loss I have ever had and I am going to try and make some positive changes in my life in respect of him.  My Uncle was extremely creative and some time in the near future I will post some pictures of his handmade items.  


Got up early this morning and walked the dog, then came home to a lovely surprise.

A box of Thorntons Moments through the letterbox which had a card accompanying it saying:-

"Sit down, relax and take a moment, then enjoy"

I had to guess who they were from but I think it is a lady that I have made some lovely things for over the last couple of years and she has made my day today - thank you Val xx

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Fat Quarters and Half Yards

I love these colour sets, there is Moda (my favourite) Riley Blake, and Natalie Lymer.

This is my newly organised stash of fat quarters and half yards.  They are grouped into sets for ease of access.

Solids at the top, bundles in the middle and bottom.  The solids are Kona cotton, their cotton just works so well when quilting, it pieces very easy and quilts both by hand and machine beautifully.  I love buying fabric in half yards now as it gives you a lot more choice when making handmade items.  Most of the time I could just drool over most of my fabric (which is better than stuffing myself full of chocolate) but I do actually use it as well and this is about half of my fabric collection.  Enjoy :)