Thursday, 26 July 2012

Singer 66K

I have done it again, I couldn't resist, my family and I were out on a trip to Workington and spotted this little beauty begging to be taken home and looked after.

As you can see she wasn't in really bad condition just needed some tlc.

The treadle plate and the belt run were all complete but the belt was an old iron flex.

She even had the Singer rubber mat on the treadle and it is in excellent condition

A lovely water mark on the top, probably from a plant pot decorating the top

The drawers in working order, which held a variety of bits and pieces including an old belt, cotton, needles and old feet

The front drawer still working and when I opened it, a big surprise, the original key to both drawers

As you can see the wood is in pretty good nick really for its age

You can see how much dirt, grease and grime has built up on the machine over the years, the silverware was black in colour and the wood under the machine was also black 

The decals are all complete

The faceplate which I think is stained with nicotine

I have dated the machine as 1919, so it is nearly 100 years old.  It works brilliantly although it takes alot of practising to get it going in the right direction and continuous.

I am now in the process of restoring the wood having completed the machine restoration along with all the treadle parts.  She has a new belt and is lovely and shiny.  Once I have completed the wood restoration I will post the finished pictures.