Thursday, 16 June 2011

Great Nephew

Me and hubby have quite a large family between us and there have been no babies for 11 years.  Then we were told that my pageboy from 22 years ago is going to be a dad with his partner Kayleigh.  This morning at 3.16 a.m. baby Rio was born after a very long three day labour and a difficult delivery.  Weighing in at 8lb 8ozs and with very long legs - he is absolutely beautiful.  Above is a photo of Rio when he was ten minutes old.  I can't believe how awake he looks. He is doing really well along with his Mum who is shattered.  Congratulations to all our families and cheers to the next generation :)

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Tim Holtz Configurations Box

This is what we started on at scrapbook club today - a Tim Holtz A4 size configurations box. 
To complete the box we needed some Claudine Hellmuth Silicone Glue - brilliant stuff - going to try it on some fabric when I get a chance.
These are the foundations feet that you fix to the bottom of the box once completed

Tissue Tape - brilliant idea - self-adhesive tissue tape that you apply to the edges of the box and the inside boxes.  Very easy to use and I have loads left after completing my first box.

I chose the crystal handle with the brass inner - have already fixed it to my box. 
I chose the K&Co Isabella range of papers to use for the outer and inner boxes.  It is a lovely colour range of golds, reds and creams. 

I will post pictures of the completed box once I have filled it with all my goodies - just to say though - my theme was ever changing - from my Father-in-law, about my family, my hobbies, dolls house so you will have to wait and see what I went with - look out for more pictures next week.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Super Amanda Smocking Pleater

I have waited years to get my hands on one of these - it is going to make my life alot easier - I always sent my fabric away to be pleated but can now do it myself.  New set of needles already put on the pleater but going to put some wax paper through (taking the needles out first of course) just to see if I can give it a smoother finish.

I am hoping that my projects will look even more professional now - having the pleater and the embroidery machine is a real bonus. 

I am going to draft my own pattern for my first make I think so that it is totally down to me from start to finish.  Wish me luck - its been a while since I did the course but having done a Viking Tunic and trousers for re-enactment that have stood up to a number of battles has given me the confidence to give it another go.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

First machine embroidery

This is my first attempt at machine embroidery on my Brother Innovis 1200 - it is wonderful - but I did choose a simple design to start with. 

I can see me using this design quite alot on girls dresses.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Leek, Mushroom, Gruyere and Blue Stilton Quiche


Cooked savoury pastry case
3 leeks cleaned and sliced
250g chestnut mushrooms sliced
25g butter
salt and pepper
284ml double cream
2 eggs
100g gruyere cheese grated
50g blue stilton crumbled


Melt the butter in a large pan and add the leeks, cook for 10 minutes without browning.
Add the mushrooms, salt and pepper, cook for a further five minutes.
Combine the double cream and two eggs.
Take the leek mixture off the heat and add half of the gruyere cheese, the cream/egg mixture and pour half of the mixture into the pastry case.
Place the rest of the cheese on top and then put the remaining leek mixture into the pastry case.
Cook in the oven for 30 minutes until golden brown on Gas Mark 6
Enjoy with new potatoes and beetroot salad

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Brother Innov 1200 Sewing/Embroidery machine

This little beauty is on its way to my home - can't wait (usual impatient woman!!!)

Look at all the extras.  This was a bargain - thank you for my darling hubby - cupcakes will be done - I promise :)

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Rosebud Dress

I made this dress for my friend's six week old grand-daughter.

It is 100% cotton heirloom made dress with french seams, shadow embroidery, bullion roses
  detached chain stitch and french knots

The cuffs on the sleeves have bullion rosebuds

This is a copy of the card that I put with the dress which has the techniques used and the laundry instructions and storage instructions
The box is also handmade with acid free cardstock, acid free tissue paper.
I used the Cricut cartridge Songbird for the title across the box.