Monday, 21 February 2011

Tilda Handmade Easter Egg Tutorial :)

You need to cut six egg pattern pieces remembering to include the 1/4" seam allowance and mark the top of each pattern piece on the inside with a 'T' so that you know you are sewing the pieces the right way round.

Pattern piece with the 1/4" seam allowance

Pin two pieces together at a time making sure you have the right sides together along with the 'T' at the top, then stitch with a small straight stitch - I used 1.8 but you could go less if you wanted to but no bigger.

After each piece is stitched press the seam to one side - you will see that the egg is beginning to take shape.

Stitch the three pieces together in the same way but when you stitch the last seam leave a gap for you to be able to stuff the egg.

Fill the egg with the stuffing - it takes quite a lot to fill it and as you do this make sure the fibre fill gets all the way to the top and make it quite firm.

You now need to hand-stitch the gap once it has enough of the fibre fill.

Stitch a length of thick linen thread or thin string to the top so that you can hang the egg.  You do this by laying the piece of string onto the egg and then stitch over the string over and over again until it is secure.  Knot the two ends together at the top to make a loop.

Decorate with pearls, buttons or flowers.  I stitched this one with pearls - place a pearl every eighth stitch.  It took four hours to complete from start of cutting the pattern piece to the last pearl. 

I hope this is useful and if I have missed anything out please let me know. 

Tilda patterns are copyright Tilda and Tone Finnanger