Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Art to Heart Sew Necessary Pincushion and Santa thread catcher

This is my pincushion and santa threadcatcher bag for my daughter's Godmum who does loads of hand-sewing and quilting for other people so I decided to make something useful that she would love.  I intend to make and decorate an acid free box to match so that it will stay in the same condition for years and can be handed down.

I managed to find a UK supplier for the Just Pins holiday collection to go into the box along with a small pair of scissors so that it is complete.  I think he is adorable though (even with his L'Oreal blusher - cos he is worth it :))

Joel Dewberry Summer Meadow Double Quilt

Since being on crutches I have managed to get loads of quilting and handmade items done in time for Christmas. 

Newest Member of the family

Meet Bruar, my daughter's highland pony.  He is absolutely gorgeous and so reliable, trustworthy and happy.  He is enjoying a quiet life just hacking out with us.