Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Kitchens, bedrooms & bathrooms!!!

It always seems never ending when you start decorating.  We got our kitchen sorted out so that when the new doors come they can go straight on - it is getting painted at the weekend.  Then we move onto the bedroom which has to dry out after it has been painted as we have had a problem with damp that we now hope is sorted out.  Wardrobes will hopefully be coming next month - then my brother is putting a shower in for us and my Dad is painting the hallway and landing - after that Kristian will be moving bedrooms so that means more decorating come September.  Also hoping that Borge is going to crack on with my patio so that I can catch some rays (and vitamin D of course) through the summer.

I have fell in love with vintage kitchen especially since my Kenwood arrived.  Going to look for some fancy oven gloves and such like stuff with cupcakes on (or make my own if I can find the fabric).  Anyway thought I would leave you with some piccies of what I would like it to look like when finished :)

I love the bright yellow - my Mum has done this to her kitchen last week - she used yellow and then themed it fruits and it looks beautiful and clean looking.

Shabby Chic - I like this but - as my friends will say - it wouldn't last two minutes - I would have to tidy everything away ;)

This is brilliant - just what I love - not too shabby and just right on the vintage - cookbook stands, old fashioned mixing bowls and of course - cupcakes :)

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Prom night Limo for the girls

This is the limo that the girls have booked for Prom night for a one hour trip from the house to the hotel.
I can't wait to see them all at our house with their fantastic dresses

This is the black expedition limo from Dumfries Limo Company

The inside of the limo - the girls are going to have a great time - they won't want to leave. :)

Monday, 7 March 2011

My new toy :)

This is my early birthday present from my Mum and Dad

This is making my kitchen time alot shorter - it whizzes through the mixing while I just sit and watch - then my children do the washing up - hey presto - baked cakes, no mess, no aching - well worth it - it is my first Kenwood - always borrowed my Mum's in the past - they have hardly changed - the spatula that came with it is the same one my Mum had when I was little and used to lick the dish out - my three love nothing better than getting the dish before it goes in the washing up bowl!!

Looking forward to getting the ice cream maker attachment for my Mother's Day present - homemade ice cream in 20 minutes - umm delicious - clotted cream and blueberry - coffee - caramel - strawberry and cream - banana - chocolate mint - Bailey's - the list goes on :)

It also came with the liquidiser attachment which means no more aching wrists from using the hand held one - it took ages to do as it had to be done in stages - now means soup done in a jiffy.  I am up for anything that makes mine and my family's life a little or a lot easier.  ;)

Friday, 4 March 2011

Disney!!!! :)

Disney Enchanted Princesses on Wii
Rachael and Louise (both 16 years old)
Glee New York New York
Strawberry Dream Cupcakes
What more can be said!!!

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Bake Sale for Prom

This is me every Thursday it seems now - Rachael requesting and helping to make 12 cupcakes or more and a tray of flapjack.

Dark Chocolate sponge cake, white chocolate buttercream, edible red hearts and red glitter

Dark chocolate sponge, vanilla buttercream and love hearts

Close up of the love hearts - I am sure they will be recognised - all the way from the USA and they were absolutely delicious - been looking for them on the net - they are chunkier than the UK ones so stand out really nice on the top of cakes.