Sunday, 30 July 2017

My Stitching Treasures Progress...

Progress... I don't think so...

I did have alot of stitching done.

Then I decided it didn't look right, after checking, I had the beautiful blue peacock stitched one over one - in the wrong place.  I spent most of yesterday unpicking the very tiny stitches and trying to tidy up the linen, I can still see where I have unpicked them on the picture.

I also checked all the other boxes, my chimney is missing, I don't like the 'n' on the word need with the little flourish as it looks like an 'm' to me so I am changing that as well.  I cross stitched the fruit on the flowers and they should be in satin stitch, that's another unpicking session.  I think I found two other faults on my stitching as well.  I fell out with it alot yesterday and did seriously think about putting it away, but I am that close to finishing it I am going to carry on stitching today.

Hope you are all enjoying the weekend and will be back tomorrow with a better looking piece of work I hope.