Tuesday, 25 July 2017

My Stitching Treasures continued...

Day six and seven

Sunday and Monday

I worked out that my average stitching time per day is four hours so at this point the total number of hours is 28.  I don't think that is too bad for me.  Just the evenings and maybe grabbing an hour during the day when chores let me stitch.

I left the daylight lamp on to take this photograph and it certainly shows the colours off to their best.

Tip of the day would be when you are stitching and have a small length of thread see if there is another box you can use it in.  This is one of the most economical kits I have ever completed, I have hardly any waste considering the amount and variety of stitches.

Tomorrow is a hospital appointment so not sure what I will get done but I am getting ever hopeful that this piece will be finished this week.

Enjoy x