Sunday, 23 July 2017

Jeannette Douglas My Stitching Treasures

Here at last is a picture of last weeks progress on the stitching treasures workbox top.

I am working the sampler on 36 count linen which does nothing for your eyesight.  I stitch with a large magnifying lamp/light which is I couldn't do without.

I do love the pattern on the sampler however I am struggling with some of the threads knotting and splitting which is driving me a bit bonkers.

The black thread that you can see running vertically and horizontally in the linen is my centring line.  This helped alot during the stitching of the initial framework because it meant that I didn't have to keep checking the lines and as the frame was stitched I could slowly pull the centring thread out so it didn't get caught in the stitches.  

The work above is after five days of stitching just in the evenings.

I will catch up with some more photographs in a couple of days.  I do hope to have it finished soon.