Saturday, 29 July 2017

My Stitching Treasures...

Friday's stitches...

Quite a lot of work got done on Friday.  I finished the house, put the tail on the bunny, the light leaves across the top and the golden pears in the bottom right hand corner along with the scissors that I love and the roses that look gorgeous.  I am going to change to a smaller needle now as the peacocks are stitched over one thread and I chose a 36 count linen to stitch on so the stitches are very small and it will be easier I think.  The gold needle that I started off with at the beginning has lost all of it's gold but I am going to put it in the needle case accessory and not in the bin.

I used the warm bulb on the daylight lamp for the photograph and I think it shows the colours alot better than the cool bulb.

Back later, off to make cake for hubby and his workmates now.

Enjoy the weekend all.