Friday, 7 January 2011

My Craft Room

This is my beautiful crafting room - my gorgeous dining table - which has a nice shine at the moment (it's not new - it's an antique - waited a long time for a decent table and finally found one that fits all my family and my crafting stuff).  There is a sewing corner with my quilting and patchwork stuff.  My photos for scrapbooking are on the top of the shelf with all the stamps, inks, flowers and buttons on.  My cardstock swatches hang on the side and my cameras on the other.

The television on - usually Lord of the Rings because I know the story so well so I can get on with stuff and just have a little company in the background.  ( I also love Star Wars).

Laptop sat on the table so I can have an occasional catch up on the net as well.  It has taken years to get my room the way I want it - I will probably still make tweaks to it every so often because I just have to.