Thursday, 6 January 2011

Fabric Stash!!

This is my fabric stash - it is a small collection but they are all gorgeous - my favourite at the moment is Moda Boutique Chez Moi which Borge bought me for Christmas - the pinks, greens and blues.  I am going to use it for some goodies from the Sew Necessary booklet from Art to Heart by Nancy Halvorsen.  I have yet to decide if I can give my collection a name - I love the prints from Moda and I am making a quilt for my mum in the Moda Awesome range.  It is her birthday in March and I would love to think I will finish it by then.  I am up bright and early this morning as I took eldest son to school - my Dad usually does it but he is taking a day off today so will be back out again later.  Did think about going to Costa for a large strong coffee which I still might do - a bit of wake-up juice - Decaf caramel latte.  Anyway have a good day all and will be back later. :)