Friday, 21 January 2011

Tilda Heart Swap

                                     I have                                    shopped
                                   and been                                everywhere
                                 I needed to                             get all the nice
                               things for my                         Tilda Heart Swap
                             and  now  I  have                    to get  the  chocolate
                           which I deliberately left        until last because there is a
                             chance  that  I will eat  what I bought and put a pound
                                or two back on the waistline!  I haven't decided on
                                 where to get it from yet but I will get it over the
                                   weekend then all I need to do is wrap it all up
                                     beautifully and post it.  I have loved being
                                       part of this swap as I got the pleasure
                                         of going to my favourite places for
                                           lovely crafty items and get out of
                                             the house for a while.  I hope
                                               to get the opportunity of
                                                 joining more of these
                                                   great swaps and
                                                     that my swap
                                                       buddy likes
                                                         what she