Sunday, 7 October 2018

Shepherd's Bush Sail Away and lots more...

We have been waiting for the delivery of this kit and it finally arrived a couple of weeks ago...

It is a kit that matches the Sailor's Collar kit that I completed and framed earlier in the year.  

We have been really busy re-structuring our kitchen by extending it and now all we have to do is the painting.  We decided to use Farrow and Ball paint on my mum's recommendation.  Yes it is expensive but wow it is a dream to work with and is giving great results on the woodwork.

Today is the first day that we have cooked in the new bigger kitchen and it works really well.

Healthwise I have not been in a good place.  I have been on anti-biotics for an ear infection and can't have my flu jab until they are out of system so I am staying clear of anyone with a sniffle.  Waiting for an MRI scan to show what is causing the problems in my legs - losing sensation on the left side, constant pins and needles which drives me potty so they are thinking a trapped nerve somewhere will help resolve the problems.

I am back at the RSN next week to complete my crewel work.  My mum's operation got cancelled and re-scheduled to the end of October.  This is the reason I have not been very active on here and it will be a bit hit and miss over the next few months.  Happy stitching to all of you. :)

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