Wednesday, 2 August 2017

My Stitching Treasures... The Finale

Here she is in all her glory atop the wooden box I bought for her but not where she will be permanently displayed as it is too small.

Over 70 hours of stitching including 7 hours of unpicking.

The golden needle in place, not the one I used for the box, as that one was no longer gold!

I altered the pattern slightly to suit me, I am not into putting alphabets on stitcheries so I did the vines very close in pattern to the one on Jeannette's original box.

The fruit is also better in satin stitch rather than the cross stitch I had stitched in.

All done and dusted.  She does look pretty good and that is without being stretched.  I have decided on a wooden watch display box to use that will be plenty big enough.  They seem to be available in all kinds of sizes on Amazon and I think it looks like a good alternative to the original box that isn't available in the UK.  I don't think the photographs do the colours justice, it definitely looks better in real life!

Thank you Jeannette for a great pattern.  I still have the accessories to do, but they can wait as I want to change onto some patchwork and quilting, of which, I am way behind.