Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Herlid Vikings at Heysham Viking Festival 2017

Heysham Viking Festival 2017

Herlid Vikings in action

A brilliant day out on the 15th July this year.

Viking Merk Borgesson in the light coloured trousers, deep yellow tunic and chainmail along with a three boar shield.

In action for photographs

Battling it out on the field

Rest after battle.

If you get a chance to go to any re-enactment shows, they are incredible.  A lot of work goes on both in the backgound and at the shows to make it as genuine as possible.  Most vikings have their own trade like making shoes, candles, jewellery and clothing as well as weapons for use and for show.  These are all available to see at the shows and give a great insight into the viking history.  They have living history camps which show how the Vikings lived, cooked, slept and what they trade with.

Proud to be a Mork, our Danish heritage.