Sunday, 26 February 2017

Disney The Little Mermaid Birthday Cake

Having 25, 22 and 18 year old children I thought I was well passed doing any sort of birthday cake creations, but, alas, no my 22 year old daughter decided three days before her birthday that she wanted a Disney cake.

I couldn't rely on any of the supermarkets for a cake that I wanted so it had to be done at home.  I am a trained chef and have done home cakes before but I would not call myself a master baker however I do know some techniques and You Tube is fab.

Roll forward to 26th February and this is what I achieved.

The impossible can be done.  Four layers of coloured lemon sponge with a buttercream topping.  Ombre layers of aqua blue going from dark to light to make the waves.  Cake decoration mermaid on top and three fish tank ornaments from the local pet shop (boiled, washed, boiled again, ok so I have OCD for clean!!)

Fondant modelling paste, coloured and rolled out flat (good in a pasta machine, but I just used my rolling pin).  I then cut out holes of various sizes using icing nozzles and lay the sheet in different angles over the rolling pin and leave to dry.  

Press embossing tips into mounds of fondant paste for a different coral and also roll and shape tubes of fondant paste for a greater variety.  To make the reeds, just cut long lengths of triangular fondant and twist.  The sand is Unicorn mix from the local cake craft store.

The letters were store bought and I used a little bit of vodka brushed over the top and then dipped in the edible glitter.

Total cost - OMG, just don't ask, it wasn't cheap, the ornaments themselves came in at over twenty pounds along with the cake board and unicorn mix, lettering and fondant modelling paste at more than twenty five.  If you can do the models yourself then you can keep the costs low but I reckoned out at about 85.00 for everything with plenty left over for next time.

What next time I hear myself ask...