Saturday, 26 October 2013

Swarovski Necklace

I decided to make my own jewellery for my nephew's wedding in December.  I am making my outfit so I thought to complete the ensemble it would have to be handmade.

The book I bought from Amazon is brilliant, Stitch Workshop Right Angle Weave.  It has some lovely jewellery and easy to follow instructions with clear illustrations on how it should be worked and what it looks like at certain points.   

I am wearing an aubergine/wine coloured outfit for the daytime and purple at night and this colour fits both outfits.

A close up of how the beads actually sit together.  I used 6lb Fireline braid thread in a 3 yard length and didn't have to add any more thread which made making the necklace very easy.

The crystals are Swarovski Bicone crystals in Amethyst and a multi-tone clear that picks up off the light whenever it moves

The finished necklace in its box - borrowed from another piece of jewellery until I find something to put it in.

The website's I used for all my purchases were as follows:-

Would I do it again?  Well, I am not sure, it took seven nights to make but I did undo any mistakes I made so I know the piece is absolutely perfect from one end to the other but I don't think I will be taking jewellery making up anytime soon, I think it is better left to the experts. :)  

Did it work our cheaper?  No I don't think so, we are lucky to have a couple of local places to buy handmade jewellery and from looking at the prices there wasn't a lot of difference.  Taking into account the book purchase, all the materials, none of which I had, it took the cost well over £40.00, but I do think it was worth doing because of matching my outfit and being handmade.  I will use the book again to make something for another special occasion so it was worth the £6.00 purchase price.