Saturday, 28 September 2013

Peyote Bead

After attending a Patti Medaris Class last week I learned how to do Peyote beading.  It is the first time I have attempted this kind of beading and it turned out really well.  I thought I would share what I have learned and maybe it might make others think about having a go at this kind of beading.

I used Miyuki Seed Beads Size 11 in two different colours, one was a matt teal/green and the other a crystal.  The thread is Nymo thread which is available in all sorts of colours to match what beads you are using.  It is a strong thread that stands up to the large amount of pulling through each bead.

When you start beading it is good idea to have a bead mat, which is like thick velour and also a Scoop-Eze, both of these are available from Fobbles, (Holmrook in Cumbria, they also have a website) and make life very easy as your beads don't roll anyway and when you have finished you can scoop the remainder up quickly to put back into your storage pots.

To begin the Peyote you need a circular strand of beads which is then worked through to give the second layer. 

I am using the Peyote to make joints for my doll, Laurelin, Princess of Valor.

As you can see from the picture I have already completed one leg with the Peyote as the knee joint.  My doll is made from a darker skin fabric covered with a fine net that was decorated with sequins and beads.

I am adding more drop beads and Miyuki Seed Beads to the bodice but it has quite along way to go until it is finished.

The Peyote Bead after four rows which is now ready to go onto a painted compressed cotton ball.

The easiest way to measure what you need is to place a piece of cotton thread around the middle of the ball and cut where one end meets the cotton after wrapping once around and then cut.  You then have a accurate measurement that you know will fit onto the painted cotton ball.

Start going through the centre of the ball and up the outside through the beads until you think the beading is securely wrapped around the ball.  You can do this as many times as you like, until you feel it is comfortable to work with.

As you can see I do it about 8 - 10 times so that there is no movement of the beading.

Start working your way around the ball for another two rows.

After two rows you now need to start decreasing so that you end up with a nice curved shape at the top. 

Pull your thread through to the other side and through a couple of beads.

Bead for another two rows and then start to decrease until you get to the top and secure the end of your thread through some of the beads, making sure it will not loosen off.

Your Peyote Bead is now ready for decorating and to be used for your project.

I hope this gives a little insight into beading, I am certainly no expert but I was really pleased with my first few attempts and I am sure you will find it easy was well.  Thanks for looking. :)