Sunday, 22 September 2013


Since I was a small child we have always had a Monopoly board game.

When I lived at home with my Brother and Mum and Dad, we always played the game every chance we got, always a fair game, never cheating, go around the board once and you can't buy anything at all but you are allowed to claim chance and community chest money.  If someone got a property of an orange colour then nobody else would buy that colour, see, I said fair, my Dad always used to win because he always used to land on the Park Lane and Mayfair properties and bankrupt the rest of us.

After I got married we still had the Monopoly board that we had been given as children and up until a couple of years ago it was really lasting.  However the box fell to bits, then pieces went missing so we gradually ended up with only so many houses per person, so many hotels per person so I figured it was about time we bought a new one.  I had some John Lewis vouchers and decided we should have something a little bit special since we always play it when the kids are back so here it is, A Monopoly Deluxe game box.

The board sits atop a beautifully made wooden box and has all the pieces underneath the wooden gameboard.  Good quality playing pieces, cards and money, all sticking the traditional design 

As you can see it, its already in use, but we DO NOT play my family's fair game, oh no,

the first time I played Monopoly against my husband he was ruthless, really keen and never lost, so over the years we have had some everlasting games that have lasted over days with nobody wanting to give up.

I won this particular game as you can see, my cards, my money and my properties with everybody else hardly having any.  

The Deluxe Monopoly Box has a few surprises, turn the board over and you have Cluedo, with a drawer underneath that has all the original pieces needed for the game.  It also includes a pack of playing cards, chess and draughts, a chess/draughts board the same size as the Monopoly board, Cribbage and Dominoes.  We took this on holiday with us for the evenings, it was well worth the £69.00 paid for it as everything in it and that it is made of is a good quality that won't fall apart too quickly. :)