Monday, 9 September 2013

A Timely catch-up!

I know that I have been somewhat missing from my blog for four months which is an incredibly long time so I will give you a little information about what has been going on.

Our son was ill throughout the year and we have been sorting out how and what he was going to do with his University course but as it turned out he passed brilliantly and is now going into his third year as of this week, fit and well and happy.

Our daughter sat exams, course work and more and is now going into her second year at University as of next week, more organised than last year, good for her.

Our youngest son sat some early GCSE's and did extremely well, gaining A* Practical Science, A in Chemistry, B in Biology and B in Physics along with a C in Resistant Materials (Woodwork and Metalwork to you and me!!).  He has now started back into his last year and is studying Computer Science, History Classics and Triple Science.  He has spent most of the Summer doing his usual sailing, kayaking, ghyll scrambling and climbing.  He is also doing his Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award and has put quite a bit of time into this.

I was waiting, as usual, for a variety of hospital appointments which did arrive but only just and I am now in the process of learning how to deal with the horrid CFS/ME that drives me insane on a regular basis.

Hubby, throughout this has been there, for everybody, the worker, the driver, the cook, the cleaner and not getting that much rest.

We fitted in a holiday which I will put some pictures of on upcoming posts, had the bathroom demolished and refitted, we are still getting rid of the dust.  As of today the kitchen has been emptied of everything and is now waiting for fitters to come and fit our gorgeous new kitchen, appliances, flooring and tiling.  

We have had family come and stay for weekends for the first time which has been fantastic.  They enjoyed the Food Festival in Whitehaven, afternoon tea in various places in the Lake District and some good company.

The first weekend in September was a fantastic one.  It is a long time since Borge and I went out on our own without the kids and with friends.  Hubby's best mate from school and his wife came over from Canada and we toured the Lake District, ate well and drank loads having a fab time with great company and chatting until the small hours.  We are hoping that next year will be our turn to visit them and see the sights that Canada has to offer.

I hope this goes a little way to explaining everything that has been going on.  I have also been crafting in the background as usual, designing and making wedding invitations, card making, sewing and quilting.