Saturday, 2 February 2013

Quilt Basket Tutorial

I would like to share with you the way I did the baskets for the table runner.

This picture shows the different parts of the basket and where they need to be stitched together.

The first line of stitching is the 2 1/2 inch square to the small triangles. Press after each seam is stitched.  Always using a 1/4" seam allowance.

Stitch the triangles to the right side of the square, press again. Once pressed straighten the edges so that the next piece you stitch will be straight.

Stitch the large triangle to the long edge and press.

When you get to this stage, straighten the edges and your squares should measure 4 1/2" and press again if you think it needs it.

Stitch on the next row of triangles that make the basket handle and press.

Stitch the last row of triangles to the right side and press.

Piece together the long row with triangle to the left side and press.

Stitch on the other long piece with triangle and press.

Stitch the last triangle to the bottom edge.  Press all seams again and then place on your cutting mat.  Each basket should measure 61/2" square, if it is not quite straight then use your trimmer and ruler to square up each basket.

I used the mini iron on heat setting two with the small iron tip to press all seams.  You will also find that each seam will find it's own place to lie flat.  I left the iron on heat all the time so that I could do each one immediately rather than have to wait for the heating up time.  I have a table set up with my sewing machine, small ironing board with the clover mini-iron on and a small cutting mat, this way I could do all that needed to be done without having to move around too much.  It does speed the process up, these baskets have taken a day to complete.  If you do intend to make some basket pieces, make one complete one first then you have one to follow, knowing your fabric pieces are in the right place.