Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Newton Rigg before and after

Rachael moved into her new room at Newton Rigg College on Sunday.  I thought I would share the before and after photos.

I know, not a very good one but you can make out the wardrobe and the fact that there isn't that much space.

She has her own sink and was quite pleased that she had privet growing outside the window for privacy!!

Waiting for the makeover, we gave it a good clean before we adding Rachael's stash to the room.

Lotso Bear had to go with her although he looked a bit cross (he always does!)  One of Rachael's favourite films is the Toy Story film from Disney so she has a collection of toys. (Some of which she has pinched from me!)

The Body Shop Satsuma range, it smells lovely and is quite strong, one of Rachael's favourites.

Kept the green and orange theme going, with her pots and bath stuff.

Good luck balloon and cards along with biscuit barrell (no biscuits, Rachael's Special K stash that she loves!), alarm clock and tonnes of stationery.

She has had a great first day yesterday.  Had her first assignment and also been notified of the trips that she will be on this week already.  They seem very organised.