Thursday, 6 September 2012

Life in the fast lane!

For the month of August it has been absolutely manic, I hope that now we are in September it will begin to slow down.

Kristian got his University results and had a great finish to his first year and a good start to his second year at Teesside University.

James has gone sailing for a week with the Ocean Youth Trust of Scotland, he will be back at the weekend, they are sailing all around Isle of Arran, Campbelltown and very possibly to Northern Ireland depending on the weather.

We had our holiday in Lincolnshire this year so that we could meet up with my hubby's family.

We had a great week but didn't manage to get into The Deep at Hull as it broke down and couldn't reopen.  We have no plans to go back as the management of the place were pretty appalling when it came to dealing with refunds and since it had happened three times in three weeks, you would think they would be better used to dealing with their problems but that was not the case and also no apology.  Bad customer service, such a shame, as it would probably have been good to see around the place.  Maybe if they get to read this they will think twice about how they treat customers.

My daughter got her place at Newton Rigg College at Penrith and has now started her work placement once a week at a local kennels.

The weather was really good all week, but I have to admit I was really stuck to the television for The Olympics, Team GB were absolutely brilliant, third place in the listings, great job and great opening ceremony (other than the weird goings on of the NHS bit!!!)  I hope the Paralympians do as well, I am sure they will.

As you can see from my other post we lost our much loved pet Brandy, this was such a shock to us, she had enjoyed a lovely week of lying on the sofa with our eldest son, but when I got of holiday, she looked like she hadn't eaten, I knew she had, so off to the vets and it was very bad news with losing her very shortly afterwards.  It is such a big miss, no wagging tail in the mornings when you come down and no barking at the   Postman, so quiet.