Wednesday, 20 June 2012

A little update ...

After a mad few weeks and things being generally upside down I thought I would do a quick update.  Bruar, our lovely highland pony was away for a couple of weeks, that is a long story so I am not going into that, but he is now back home in his favourite field with his favourite pals, neighing like crazy, it was a lovely welcome.  The lady that dropped him off was absolutely lovely with him, he had got a little hot on his journey as he doesn't travel well so she stopped to cool him off a little.  Another cool off when he got home and a rest for half hour before he went into the field along with a check over by the livery owner and he is fine.  He disappeared into the bottom of the field out of sight with his pals following behind like a gang!! lol  

My consultants haven't been in touch yet which is slightly frustrating as I am up and down, but have started new medication so we will wait and see what happens now.

I have been piecing my daughter's single quilt together which has taken a little understanding but that is more down to me than the pattern.  Rachael has been otherwise busy with a new rabbit, a lop called Rufus so we are back to four pets again.  

The torch relay is in Whitehaven on the 21st June but I won't be able to get down as they are closing a couple of the roads and I cannot manage the walk down as it is too far, should be televised though.

Hope everyone is ok, hoping to get back posting in the next few weeks so we will catch up more than.  Happy crafting you lot and thank you for all the good wishes that you have sent, keeps me going to know that you lot are there. xx