Friday, 8 June 2012

At the moment this is me.  I have to change a few things in my lifestyle so at the moment this is what my to do list looks like... nothing on it at all.  After having an appointment last week at Newcastle RVI and then scans, it seems that my M.E. is getting worse, not better so they are going to make changes to my medication.  This means quite a lot, giving up my driving licence and hair loss to name but a few.  I really have to think about these changes seriously as my life sometimes feels non-existent anyway without the above taking place.  I do appreciate that there are always people that are worse off than ourselves but at the moment it is not feeling like it so I am having alot of support from my consultant who is making some arrangements for me to see some other specialists that will help me along the way.  I am pleased I am going to get the support as sometimes I feel that my family just can't cope at times as this illness is so unpredictable.  Anyway this was to keep you up to date as I am not sure how, when and what happens next.  Look after yourself all, trying to keep my chin up but not succeeding very well (as you can imagine!) xx

PS ...  I won't be on the internet as much but will try and keep up with what you are all busy with.

Elaine xx