Thursday, 24 May 2012

Restored Singer 99K 1950

Here she is in all her glory ...

I am so pleased with the results.  She is shining like anything although the person that had her before me did look after her so that has made my job very easy.  

I removed everything from her that I felt comfortable with as I am no expert and didn't want to make mistakes since this is the first time I have owned a Singer machine

Everything gleams thanks to just elbow grease and Autoglym Resin car polish (thanks Dad!)

Where I couldn't get into I used string and wrapped it around the foot holder and the rust came off immediately. 

I love the engraved faceplate, my favourite part, also came up gleaming.

The filigree decals are perfect in condition, I don't think I could find anywhere that had any missing.

I had to have a picture of this, perfect as well.

Underneath the black plate is an immaculate green cardboard Singer box with lots of spares in.

The serial number of the machine.  After some checking I found out that it was made in 1950, but haven't been able to find anything else out about it.  If anybody has information or can tell me, please do in the comments box.

A bargain at £10.00.

And finally, the Bentwood box took some doing.  Alot of hours of elbow grease, white spirit, vinegar and beeswax.  I got all the paint splashes off - eventually with liberal amounts of white spirit rubbed on with a soft cloth.  I just kept going and going and got there in the end.  I removed the handle and soaked the metal in vinegar which took off the rust in about 10 minutes.  I have polished it five times with the beeswax and I am going to carry on doing it once a week to keep it in the condition it's in, unless somebody tells me differently.

Pride of place.  It was on the opposite wall but I was concerned about the sun bleaching the wood veneer so moved it to the inner wall.

The Singer Godzilla Tin, immaculate condition.

I emptied the tin, removed any dirt from underneath the velvet, wiped down the velvet and put it down and then replaced all the bits and pieces.  They all had a soaking in vinegar but the spools really didn't clean up in the middle so I have ordered some new ones.  I was very surprised to find the piece of paper showing how everything should be in the tin.

I am also going to say thank you to Helen Howes for her amazing website as I didn't know what alot of these items were and the website has been invaluable to sort that out.

The only items I am looking for now are a key for the box, an oil can which sits inside the box in a clamp and the little wooden extension table.  I am on the lookout.

Hope you enjoy looking and if you get the opportunity to have a go at doing this yourself, go for it, I have enjoyed reviving her and can't wait to see what we make together.