Friday, 18 May 2012

Craft Room Completed

This has been the last piece to go into my craft room.

I knew what kind of table I wanted and I didn't want chairs as they take up too much room and we would never have enough for all the family anyway.  I saw this in a showroom that was closing down - advertised as £100 including delivery.  I was unsure about whether it would be too big for the room and tried it in a couple of different angles but this was how I liked it best.  The greatest part of getting the table was that the furniture place was closing and ended up accepting £60.00 including delivery for it.  A bargain at half the price.

It has some lovely wrought iron detailing on it across the table edges, around the sides and on each leg and reminds me of something from old age banqueting tables.  It weighs an absolute tonne and you guessed it, even at 4 ft x 3 ft it had to have it legs removed to get it through the doors.  Never simple but worth it in the end.