Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Tula Pink Prince Charming Frame

Who wouldn't love everything covered in Prince Charming fabric.  I am waiting (patiently I may add) for my varnished pine to dry in my sewing room.  It is getting a total revamp, but more on that later.  I have had a frame with a picture of each of my children in ready to be altered for about 18 months and haven't got round to it.  I have cut out all my fabric from the Prince Charming range for the Tula Pink Field Study pattern for darling daughter's room and couldn't throw away any of the little bits.  So, with a paintbrush, fabric pieces and my matte medium from Claudine Hellmuth I was raring to go and look what I accomplished.  I have been losing my way a little lately and this fabric has really inspired me to just get on and try - if it doesn't work, so what, try again, if it does, wow, the results are great.  What is even better is I didn't throw any fabric away.  I am seriously thinking of doing the draws on my pine units in some of my favourite quilting fabric, then I have loads of inspiration when I go into my sewing room.

It has dried beautifully, I coated the fabric with the medium once it was applied as well which gives it a stronger finish.  Very easy to do, all in one night and I know it will brighten my room. :)