Saturday, 17 March 2012

Friday Night Sew-In Part 2

Good morning crafters, I managed to get something made last night and here are my results :)

From a 10.5 inch piece of a fabric that has been folded and pressed, place a 4.25 inch square in the middle and fold the triangles in, stitch in place

Choose a couple more charm squares on the folded fabric and bring over the edge of the triangles by 1/4 inch then stitch on the outer edge very close.  A normal straight stitch is good for the top stitching but for the piecing I would suggest a smaller stitch so that it is tight for when you are stuffing the pincushion.  Repeat for each triangle to make the window.

Stitch together four charms (2 lots of 2), press the seams to one side.  Turn the window onto the backing piece with right sides together and stitch remembering to leave a gap for turning.  Stuff until full and firm and then stitch using invisible stitch so you can't make out where it was turned.

Stitch a co-ordinating button in the middle and there you go.  The Moda Bakeshop has the original recipe and gives you all the instructions.

Hope you like it, I love the colours.  The fabric is Moda Grace by 3Sisters.