Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Colour Cards

I finally managed to get my hands on one of the Kona cotton colour cards and an Aurifil Thread colour chart.

The Kona Cotton Colour Card by Robert Kaufman, this is going to help me greatly as we haven't got a local stockist of good quilting fabrics so I have to use online which can be hard work matching colours as you just  never know if you are looking at the right colour.  Every colour is a one inch square of fabric giving you the ability to get a true match.  I got mine from  They were really fast with the shipping as well, arriving in less than a week.

The second colour card is the Aurifil Thread.  A brilliant resource for quilters.  I have been struggling along with Guterman thread and haven't been happy with the results, particularly when pressing patchwork piecing seems.  Anyway after a long search I found Aurifil Thread and bought the Aurifil 40 which is great for both piecing and quilting.  As you can see you get a sample thread of every colour they do so it is brilliant for matching up and maybe even throwing a curveball of a colour you wouldn't use on a fabric but that actually looks really effective and stands out.  It is not cheap thread with reels costing around £7.00 but that is for 1000 metres so it will last.  I have chosen my staple colours at the moment of brown, off white, bright orange (looks great on brown fabric), baby blue, baby pink, olive green and yellow.  

Both colour cards fold up for easy storage when not in use so you still have plenty of room to be creative ;)