Thursday, 5 January 2012

Time Out

The last couple of months has been quite a strain on my very minimal resources and I have realised that some things have taken a backward step.  I really need a break so my GP and support worker are looking for some respite care somewhere.  Hopefully this will be soon as my body seems to be on a complete meltdown and coming out with all kinds of new symptoms.  The family seem to have forgotten that things can be quite a strain which I think happens in lots of families where someone isnt well but doesn't have bandages or plasters to be seen.  Oh well never mind, I will try and get better and see what the future holds but at this moment in time it doesn't feel like a lot.  I will try and post a bit more regular.  At the moment I am just looking through books and wishing I could make lots of crafty things but the energy just isn't there anymore.  So with this in mind I have put a picture on of where I wish I was to where I actually am and wish all my crafty friends a wonderful 2012 and hope it holds lots of special things for you out there.