Monday, 11 July 2011

Dolls House in the making

Darling daughter has now had her tonsils, adenoids and breathing sorted out so I planned when she came out of hospital to do the dolls house we bought three years ago.  We bought it plain and have since painted it yellow, white for the windows and shopped for bits and pieces.  This is not an overnight project but hoping it is going to take two years while she is in Post 16 as our hobby together - just means more girly days so that can only be good.

This is what it will look like left unpainted.  We have painted the house yellow with white brick side details, windows, dormiers and door. 

We have the lighting kit that we bought from Dolls House Emporium along with one light at the moment and extra lighting is on its way.  Rachael has decided on a Victorian theme throughout the house and we have already made loads of little kitchen extras out of fimo modelling clay.

These books have been great along the way and hoping to add to our collection soon.

We will keep you up to date of how we get on :)