Saturday, 21 May 2011

Time and the need for more of it!!

Just dropping by to say that I am still about - got my salad quilt in Joel Dewberry's Modern Meadow Berry collection all stitched up - photo later - just waiting for the wadding to arrive but will probably be a couple of weeks as it is from America.

Still loaded with cold and really struggling to concentrate and find the right words - was at craft club today but really think I should have stayed at home.  Never mind - will know next time when I am not well to just stay in bed.

Went to see the new Johnny Depp On Stranger Tides film yesterday with James and Borge.  Nearly fell asleep for the first 45 minutes but then the action kicked in and it was good.  Didn't get home until late which is unusual for me - then paid for that with a bad night and a bad day.

Going to try and get stuck into some serious crafting with help from darling daughter as she finishes school very soon so plenty of time on her hands for revision and a little Mother/Daughter time - don't get enough of that so I can see pedicures, swimming and crafting on the Horizon.

Will catch up again soon with pictures of my quilt.