Friday, 29 April 2011


I took part in the Tilda Easter Swap run by Cat of  I always enjoy doing swaps - I like to think I am creative and also generous - as those are who send to me - always.  However on this occasion I have been really let down by the lady I sent my parcel to - having had no blog acknowledgement of the swap so making it look like I didn't send anything so I am having to put this post on my blog to make up for it.  I sent a lovely Handmade Tilda rabbit in a purple dress with trousers and a matching hat along with some fancy teabags, chocolate and bits and pieces.  I really appreciate the hard work that Cat puts into doing the swaps and I received some lovely goodies from her - thank you Cat for all your hard work, patience, communication and loveliness - I look forward to hearing all about your wedding day antics on Skype.