Friday, 1 April 2011

Soooo ...

I am so far behind with lots of jobs and bits and pieces and even with my blogging.  Here's just a snippet of what's been happening...

James had a very good Academic Review Day at school and he even decided on some of his subjects to choose when he goes into Year 9 - good job James - well done.

Rachael has done her Art GCSE and is at study club three times a week now - Prom bake sales are on hold at the moment because they have so much revision to do.  They have been given an extra couple of days in school over the extended April holidays which is a great idea.

Kristian has made his choice for University and sent off for accommodation so we have loads of forms and whatever else to do for that.  He is waiting for me to finish (and start!!) his viking tunic.  Will get there eventually.

Borge is still working hard but having a couple of days off for my hospital appointments.  The RVI appointment went exceptionally well - met with Dr Quinton for the first time - he was fab - did loads of work - gave me some good news - 4lb off and 1/2" back on my height and apparently the first person in Cumbria to get the treatment I am on - exciting stuff for him - yukky for me!!!! lol

Took Mum out for lunch last weekend for her birthday - had a great day - didn't manage to finish the quilt I had started on but got the backing fabric and binding for it so hoping to get it done soon.  Got to start on the layouts for my last scrapclub as Bossy Person No.1 - then downgrading myself to Bossy Person No.2 with a friend taking over top dog position :) Thanks Jude - I think it will make a big difference - can't believe it has been 7 years since we started - I think we will have to do something special to celebrate.

Haven't baked in over 10 days - far too much to do in other places but I do have an order to fulfil in April for my cheeky extra son Callum who is 13 this month - haven't seen him a lot lately because the scouts have all been camping and James has been doing his rock climbing course - passed level 1 - now onto level 2 so not had a lot of time for friends and family. 

Anyway I think this is a pretty good update and have now got to spend the weekend sorting out bits and pieces that are to do next week.  I am really pleased Borge is off as it means more help with stuff. :)