Monday, 18 April 2011

Catching up!!

I am getting there.  All my parcels have been posted as of last week.  (Had to wait for one last goodie for a gift for someone).  I have nearly finished the quilt for my Mum - a bit late but nearly there.  I taught the last class of my scrapbook club on Saturday and now handing the reins over to Judith so that I can get a bit more sorted out.  Joy took me quilting this morning and I made a start on my quilt for my new bedroom.  Furniture coming soon - nearly ready to be decorate so I thought I would make an effort to get the stuff done for the room.  I managed to make six cuts lol - it took me two hours!!!  But it's a start!!  We then went for lunch and checked out garra fish in a private beauty spa - fantastic - will be booking that soon.  Booked a quilting course for 1/2 day to learn tri-fold quilting to make a cushion on the day before the Royal Wedding.  Not sure what I am doing that day but think I will be watching it with the children. :)