Monday, 3 January 2011

Me, my camera and my daughter :)

Me at the top working on the Dresden plate for my Christmas table runner and then Rachael (she is gorgeous isn't she but I am biased!!) playing about with our camera.  She joins me regularly now in the craft room and has a go herself - she is working on her art GCSE and that takes alot of her time up along with her many other subjects, but once that is finished she wants her own sewing machine and wants to know how to make clothes.  When I was at school it was dressmaking was a standard subject and you got to do cushions, skirts, tops, a dress if you wanted to, embroidery - now we have textiles which has made it a very complicated subject and not one that some girls want to do - why do they do that.  Anyway - she wants to learn what I know so will give it a try - I have some good books for reference and if mistakes are made - so what - we'll start again!! 

By the way - I usually look better than that in my photo but she caught me unglamorous - you know how it is - you can't be Elle McPherson all the time (some of the time would be good though!!! lol)